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All You Need To Know About Kartra Pros and Cons

Have you ever looked at all the things you need to do and got so tired just at the thought of it? I know I have. Using the online space as a marketing tool for your business can seem tedious at best and flat out impossible for the novice. Let us look at the Kartra Pros and cons. Online marketing will be fun!

As an online entrepreneur, what would you need most? Access to your potential client’s habits, their audience, or you just want to make a sale period? I present to you, Kartra! An all in one marketing platform that helps you keep tabs on all your potential and current clients. There has never been a finer marketing platform if you ask me and not getting on this train can cost you some chunky dollars. And no, I’m not an affiliate marketer for Kartra, just an overly impressed human being who will remain objective nonetheless because hey, since when did anything come without caveats? If you are looking for a Kartra Expert, contact us. Just in case you have not registered for Kartra account yet and you would love a discount, please register here.

Unlike Twitter Analytics, (I love you Twitter  😉) you can actually see who watched your video, among other things. If you like lists; I got you a list of pros and cons below. PS: The list is endless and a little subjective depending on your needs but I’ll do the most as far as I possibly can.

Kartra Pros:

It’s all in one nature replaces your e-mail hosting, service provider, domain host, your current e-mail marketing platforms, your membership platforms and analytic tools:


  • Saves costs of up to and over $200 compared to other marketing platforms.
  • Declutters your brain.
  • Saves you on time and hard drive space since it’s not even downloadable.

Its gorgeous innumerable templates when page building make you look like a pro when you’re done crafting your website page, opt-in forms and checkout page. And get this; you don’t even have to know a thing about coding and all that tech stuff. Drag and drop just how you like it.

Features Lead Tagging and Lead Scoring. With Lead Scoring you can assign scores for customers based on their behavior and automatically send them follow up sequences accordingly. Lead Tagging categorizes your customers into various sub groups and crafts tailor made messages that appeal to their specific demographic.

The automation is unparalleled. It’s like your own personal butler, answering the door for you and offering your guests virtual “tea” so to speak and even engaging them as if you were there.

Pre-written copies from wait for it… Frank the freaking Kern. Okay pardon my excitement, if you don’t know him, he’s just THE go to guy for copywriting and internet marketing so best believe you’re in safe hands. On top of that, he even gives a commentary on why he wrote it the way he did making you an even better copywriter for FREE.

What’s More on Kartra Pros

Kartra Pros - Online Marketing

It manages your e-mails well making sure they don’t go to your e-mail list’s promotion or spam folder.

Has one of the most powerful marketing features. It’s A/B Split Testing unlike other platforms offers multiple testing at the same time.

Offers dynamic countdown timers that sync across all platforms. E.g you can send a client an e-mail with a count down and when he/she goes to your website it’s right on the second.

Despite its fairly steep learning curve, it’s quite easy to use.

Karta has integrated video analytics which is freat for webinars, VSLs, Opt-in Videos and more that help you convert.

Through the membership platform, you can easily track your students on an individual level. You can accurately see how far along one has gone through your course.

Kartra offers personalized e-mails as well. Calling each of your clients by name. As I said, Kartra pros are endless and I know you’re not here to read a short story of 3000 words so I’ll digress. On to the not so good things…

Kartra’s Cons:

For a start-up barely making ends meet, it can be a little pricy. From $99 a month up to $699 a month, even with the discount, you’d have to pay a whole year’s worth upfront to get the $79 a month offer.

Automatically upgrades your subscription level if your e-mail list crosses over the threshold of your price tier. You can prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning your list and only accepting high quality leads.

Limited video hosting. The Starter pack offers 50GB worth of video bandwidth while the Silver pack offers 125 GB. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself footing unexpected bills with $0.19/GB of bandwidth for over the bandwidth limits.

Limited E-mail list. You can use Elastic e-mail or Mail gun for $15-30 per month.

Limited domains. Three domains for the Silver plan and an additional $10 for any additional domain.

Adjusting columns on your page builder and adding pop ups can be a bit hectic.

Although it’s all in one, you have to keep going back and forth through elements like create the landing page, the product page, or the membership portal.

For anyone who has ever created a website knows that the mobile version sometimes comes out looking a little weird. So does the Kartra mobile version.

It has limited integrations. Well, Kartra pros out weighs Kartra cons. Making it the best marketing software / tool in the market.

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