Kartra a top-all-in-one Marketing Platform

Kartra Marketing Platform – A Top-All-in-One Software

MARKETING… MARKETING… MARKETING PLATFORM!!! It used to be all about the location but times have truly changed, haven’t they? Now the only spot we’re “fighting” for is the eyeball and that could be anywhere as long as it’s glued to a screen. Of course, visibility isn’t the end all be all of marketing. Gone are the days when marketing meant expensive TV/Newspaper advertisements and billboards crafted in a one-size-fits-all approach.

We’re at the height of the information age and marketing psychology and tailor made offers take precedence. That’s why you need Kartra to help you on this intricate journey to profits. Kartra is only THE very best marketing platform you can find on planet earth… Okay don’t take my word for it, you can test it for yourself. For only a dollar, you get a 14-day trial.

Flawless Automations

“True wealth is in residual income” Kartra gives you all the automation you need to set up your marketing machine, sit back and watch as the magical coins roll in. Not to mention save you on a couple of employees. Shout out to Mike Filsaime, creator of Kartra, for rendering our IT department obsolete. With Kartra, you don’t need a web developer to create an amazing page. Its gorgeous innumerable templates when page building make you look like a pro when you’re done crafting your website page, opt-in forms and checkout page. Just drag and drop the pre- built sections, adjust the columns and components to your liking, save and publish. Did I mention the dynamic count down you can add on your page that syncs across all platforms unlike other websites that display a different time to the one they showed you on the email? Kartra nailed it!

Integrated and Intuitive User Interface

Kartra gives you a well-Integrated and intuitive user interface even for dummies, but I know you’re one of the smarties so that doesn’t apply to you. It’s highly flexible and customizable with quite the number of plug and play integrations; payment gateways, e-mail service providers and membership platforms. With API(Application Programming interface) that helps applications communicate with each other and Instant Payment Notification(IPN) which notifies merchants almost instantly about transaction events along with a custom application framework; you can interface with the system in every which way. You may need to consult a programmer on the app framework though so don’t delete your IT guy’s number just yet. The “Video marketer’s dream come true” as Kartra describes itself. It offers marketing videos with pop-ups, calls to action as well as lead tagging. It’s highly configurable and lets you view user activity in real time and profile your watchers. For example, you can “tag” the customers who viewed the whole video including the sales pitch. This valuable information would let you in on a viewer’s potential to become a buyer and therefore adjust your efforts according to the collected data.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Amazing Marketing Platform Kartra mail is a Godsend! Its SMS capabilities only scratch the surface of this powerful marketing tool. Kartra Mail supports tagging and categorizes your subscribers, automates messages based on criteria you’ve specified, allows split tests and offers configurable templates to suit your brand and taste. It’s tightly integrated into the platform’s sales funnel adjusting itself accordingly. Another amazing feature Kartra Mail boasts is its reports on how users are interacting with your email; opens, clicks, how much revenue is being generated by specific e-mail campaigns as well as how many contacts are converting into buyers. It fulfills your every marketing need in other words. Not to mention helps you differentiate between cold and warm leads to cut down on dead marketing pathways and identify repeat customers and one-off customers. Lead tagging qualifies your customers into various categories while lead scoring quantifies their individual value to your bottom line. Such qualitative data helps you know where to focus your efforts. We can’t fail to mention Kartra’s pre-written copies. Written by Frank Kern, a leading internet marketer, even telling you why he wrote the way he did. That’s like a free mini course on copywriting from the best of the best.

Kartra Is Affordable

Kartra is basically a money making machine and at such reasonable pricing, who would know a day like this would come; when capitalism meets socialism. Kartra’s marketplace offers you a platform to buy and sell Kartra user-created sales funnels, services as well as other marketing campaign tools. This all in one platform also provides you with marketing affiliates who can sell your products to their audiences at a small cut stretching your market even further. Kartra helps you cultivate, screen, enlist and set commissions for your affiliates using its in-built affiliate management system. This process can also be automated. Their powerful analytics compare to no other. It views web traffic and gives detailed user activity reports while leveraging data according to your lead tags; giving you a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t making strategizing easier.

Easy To Build Sales Funnels

Kartra offers one of the easiest ways to build Sales Funnels. A Sales Funnel is a sequence that leads the prospect from a “peruser” into a buyer. Beautiful landing pages, videos and e-mail are put together in a sequence of your choice to compel them into buying. As the common internet marketing saying goes, don’t let a visitor leave “empty handed”. The idea is to; get the e-mail address of every possible visitor.  Ideally by making them a free offer they can’t refuse. Lure them into your sales pitch with a video describing how they will benefit from this purchase. Give them a call to action and best case scenario. They make the purchase and we’re all happy now. But let’s be real, that rarely ever happens. Most people act like medieval princesses asking you to slay dragons, trample on crocodiles and eat live snakes before they buy in to your offer. But at least you’ll get a new lead and they’ll have an idea of what you’re offering.

Strong Funnel Capability

Now you have the opportunity to build trust and authority while qualifying your prospects just by outlining the sequence of events in your sales funnel and then set, “if/then” parameters. Few other platforms can match such strong funnel capability with the other features and tools you need to create a revenue generating marketing system. Marketing Platform - Lead Generation Kartra products are mostly optimized for the sale of digital products although it can still prove invaluable to physical products. When we look into Kartra Membership, it offers the provision of recurrently billing your members and drip feeding your content. Without leveraging this service, you’re limiting yourself to one-off sales. Any membership site is not complete without a helpdesk. Kartra’s Helpdesk is pretty efficient. Providing you with real-time live chat or ticketing system depending on your needs. You can even schedule a ticketing system after real-time hours. It enables multi-agent collaboration and integrated billing to make the support process smooth for the consumer and producer alike. It’s also highly customizable so you can easily reflect your brand in color and structure.

Kartra is More a Marketing Platform

Finally, Kartra is not only an all in one marketing platform, it’s a much needed friend in times of problem solving and strategizing. Its ability to give you a 360 degree view of your sales prospects helps you understand your target market’s needs to a T. However, the Starter Plan doesn’t offer the Kartra Agency feature which gives you an “at a glance” view of multiple client accounts, so I’d advise you start with the Silver Plan. Its payment system is PCI and GDPR compliant so you can rest assured any transactions will be secure. Kartra does everything for you so you can focus on content creation and quality assurance. Now, let’s move that product!