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Why You Should Join Payoneer

Welcome to the future, it is 2021 and here, the economy is going cashless. If you are a businessperson or a freelancer and are still operating cash seriously, you put the “L” in limit. In a globalized world, to succeed you have to go where the world is going. There have been numerous fintech inventions recently and the best of them is Payoneer.

In the post Covid-19 world, it is expected that the world will shift online more than ever before. This means that the nature of work. The distance between partners. As well as the means of the transaction will make it impossible to do business in cash. Thus, it is imperative that you, a business owner, freelancer to move your transactions onto Payoneer.

This recommendation is specific to the people under the mentioned niches as their needs are different here is why;

Let’s talk security. Payoneer has a rigorous registration and a lot of paper work most represented as a con but is a pro in disguise. There is much less chances that a person with ulterior motive and one who is unverified would be allowed to transact at any amount. This demands verification of said documents which if found fraudulent would raise an alarm. Also, it leaves a paper trail should the fraudulent transaction go through.

There are other companies that allow one off transactions to non-members. Payoneer also only allows transfers to other Payoneer accounts thus you are sure that your money as well theirs is safe. The strategy may sound limiting however, for a freelancer or a business owner, data protection and safe transaction is paramount need and differentiates them from other transactors.

Next up, is diversity. Payoneer works with MasterCard to provide its people the ability to transact currencies from 100 countries and in 150 local currencies however, if the currencies are unlisted, they are subject to MasterCard foreign exchange rates.

With Payoneer you also enjoy liquidity of funds as they are available on your credit card on withdrawal and can be used instantly. It ranges from fuel payment, shopping at the mall, our groceries and if that is not convenience, then I do not know what is!

Payoneer is arguably cheap. Name another fintech service provider that does not charge except when a transfer is done. It also only charges 3 US Dollars per transfer. The money can also be sent and transacted both locally and internationally.

One of Payoneer latest innovations is a phone app that can be put on your phone other than transacting on a website. This makes it more portable even when you do not have your PC you could manage your business accounts and countercheck payments anytime, anywhere in the world.

Due to this partnership, the owner of the account would need to pay for the MasterCard debit card which is inclusive of e-commerce services and allows for bank transfers. MasterCard has a daily limit of 2500 US dollars.

For our multinational business owners, you are subject to a currency conversion fee of 2% to 2.75% while if the currency being used is unlisted, it attracts MasterCard exchange rates for the said currencies. MasterCard only charges an annual fee and is the exclusive partner to Payoneer thus all Payoneer clients are subject to MasterCard terms and conditions.

Busies and freelance clients may make your day difficult, I know. How about an empathetic customer support? I would trade customer experience for fair prices any day! Yes, I am a sucker for convenience because freelancing has its perks.

We all love our money. If you do not believe me, as Steve Jobs! Oh he died. Tax-free! Payoneer unlike its competitors does not have a tax validation on your transaction regardless of how much. Ain’t nobody snitching on you to the IRS for US nationals? Payoneer is a legal tax evasion solution.

Still on large business owners, do you have employees working remotely for you all over the world? What if I told you Payoneer offers mass payments o long as they are in same currency? I presume the US dollar is quite standard and the most liquid regardless of continent.